Basic Service

ICTC Center provides Counseling and HIV Testing

Blood Safety

Blood bank provides safe blood. "No one should die for want of Blood"

STD Clinic

Provides Counseling, Syphillis Testing and syndromic case management. 

Care and Support

ART Centers Provde Counseling, CD4 Testing and ARV drug distribution


Works with High Risk Group (HRG) population like FSW, MSM, IDU and Bridge population like Migrant and Truckers for Prevention of HIV and STI.


Provides awareness about HIV/AIDS through varioous campagins. 

Strategic Information management Unit

Collection, Verification, Validation, Compilation, Analysis and generation of various reports.  

Rajasthan State AIds Control Society

Basic Service

Integrated Counseling & Testing Center (ICTC) is a place which provides a window for rendering information about HIV prevention, counsels them to undergo testing, and provides testing facilities and also links positive people with treatment, care and support system.

Therefore, availability and accessibility of ICTC services plays an important role in identification of HIV positive cases and ensuring the quality of life to HIV positive people by linking them with care, support and treatment.


Care and Support

ARV drug & essential testing including CD4 test are being provided to PLHIV to improve their health and expand the life span. Counseling and socio-psychological support are also provided to PLHIVs at ART Centres.


IEC and Mainstreaming

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) is a key component to motivate behavior change in a cross-section of identified population at risk, including HRGs and bridge population. 

Technical Support Unit (TSU)


The Technical Support Unit in Rajasthan is supporting the Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society in providing supportive supervision and technical support to the Targeted Intervention programs for MARPs and Bridge Populations in the State.



                List of NGO (TI) working with HRGs