Rajasthan Indian Medicine Board


Board of Indian Medicine Rajasthan Jaipur has been established on 4th March,1953 after the approval of Rajpramukh  to register the medical practitioners (Ayurvedic,Unani and Yoga/Naturopathy doctors) under The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act, 1953/The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act Amendment Bill-2015.


Registration and inspection of the Ayurvedic and UNANI doctors under Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act ,1953/The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act Amendment Bill-2015.

Organizing committee

There are 13 members in the organizing committee.

·         Chairman to be appointed from state Govt.

·         Three members nominated by Govt of rajasthan from Govt ayurvedic doctors

·          One member nominated by govt of Rajasthan from Govt Unani doctors

  • One Member shall be nominated by the State Government from amongst Naturopathy and Yoga Chikitsaks who are paid servants of the Government.

·          Four members elected among registered Ayurvedic doctors

·         One elected member from  registered Unani doctors

  • One member shall be elected by the registered Naturopathy and Yoga Chikitsaks from amongst themselves in the prescribed manner.

·         Except Chairman, all the members  should have at least 10 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda/Yunani/Naturapthy/Yoga. (Govt/private)







Rajasthan Indian Medicine Board

Board of Indian Medicine has registered 27986 Ayurved Doctors and 2221 Unani Doctors and 65 BNYS Doctors up to Now

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