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Homoeopathic Chikitsa department commits to provide high quality curative & preventive homoeopathic healthcare facilities to all sections of society. Providing health facilities to every individual of the state through the medium of homeopathic medicine is among the resolutions of the state government. Directorate has a strength of about 189 Dispensaries and 6 upgraded dispensaries where dedicated and competent homoeopaths, who are committed to provide comprehensive healthcare facilities in free of cost to general public provided by the department . Homeopathy gives better medical facilities at low prices and wipes the disease from its roots. Due to all these qualities and the fact that it is effective and immediate treatment without any adverse effects on health and makes it very popular among the rural public. It is very useful to the poor people especially to those who are below the poverty line and whose expenditure ability is nil. Consequently, the level of acceptance towards homeopathy is increasing rapidly among the people In Rajasthan Shahpura (Bhilwara) Homoeopathic dispensary was working since very long and is still running. Then second Homoeopathic dispensary started in 1948 at Jhalarapatan in Jhalawar district. Before the establishment of Ayurveda Department (1950-51) these 2 dispensaries were working in the state. After the establishment of Ayurveda Dept. in 1952 the first homoeopathic dispensary was opened in Ajmer Dist. There after as year progresses more and more homoeopathic dispensaries were opened in different district in all over Rajasthan. In 1977-78 total 20 new dispensaries were sanctioned. In 1980-81 a new circular came in existence to open new homoeopathic dispensaries at every district head quarter where no homoeopathic dispensaries were running. At present we have 191 sanctioned Govt. Homoeopathic dispensaries in the state. Previously Homoeopathic department was under Ayurved , but now it is separated and have their own Directorate under AYUSH.It was separately started in 2010.

Administrative Structure Of Homoeopathic Directorate:-

Aims And Objectives Of The Homoeopathic Chikitsa Department

  • Our aim is to make this gentle and effective system of medicine available to the citizens of Rajasthan and to alleviate the sufferings by providing permanent cure of the disease from its roots for most of the ailments. 
  • Permanent establishment of Homoeopathic Health care facility to all at the level of Panchayats in the state 
  • Ensure more effective health care delivery in TSP&SC SP areas. 
  • To provide quality homeopathic medicines. 
  • To reduce infant and mother mortality rate through the medium of homeopathy. 
  • To take care of the school-going children by regular health check-ups. 
  • To provide quality health service to the common people especially poor and sensitive class people. 
  • To fulfill the objectives of the National Rural Health Mission. 
  • Computerization of all Dispensaries. 
  • To Honour personalities, Homoeopathic doctors/ Para medicals or others for their excellence in public health care delivery through Homoeopathy in the state. 
  • Mobile unit in TSP & SCSP area. 
  • Upgraded “A” class dispensaries with indoor facilities.
About us