Yoga Medical Service

Yoga is mainly a way of life, which Patanjali presented in a sequential manner. Its eight parts are Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyan and Samaadhi.


The practice of these parts of yoga improves social and personal behaviour, It improves the physical health by improving the blood circulation in the body, It brings the senses under control and the mind gets peace and purity. The practice of yoga helps in prevention of psychosomatic disorders/ diseases; it improves body's immune system and tolerance in stressful situations. Meditation which is one of the eight parts of yoga, if practiced regularly; it reduces the Detrimental response ability, so that the mind can be directly attached to more prolific activities.


Although yoga is mainly a way of life, however its stimulative, preventive and curative effects. In the texts of yoga, many incendes have been described for the improvement of health, prevention of disease and the treatment of diseases. Physical rugs should be judged wisely. For the purpose of prevention of diseases, health improvement and medical purposes, they should be selected and practiced in the right manner.


Studies have shown that yogic practice enhances intelligence and memory, and also helps in tolerating fatigue and stress, enhances tolerance, and also in the development of an integrated psychiatric personality. Meditation is a second exercise, which brings stability in mental emotions and prevents the activities of the rest of the body from abnormal. Studies have been observed that meditation not only regulates the senses but also regulates the nervous system.


The origins of the real ancient form of yoga are part of the formal tradition. Yoga was developed as a means of element knowledge and knowledge.


Yoga postponement detention: To keep body and mind healthy, Ashtanga Yoga is explained as follows:



Ahinsa(Non-Violence), Satya(Truth), Asteya (Honesty), Brahmacharya(Celibacy) and Aparigraha(Non-attachment) have been called Yama.



Shauch (Cleanliness), Santosh (Contentment), Tapa (Heat; Spiritual austerities) Swadhyay (Study of oneself) and Ishwar Pranidhan (Surender to god) are these five rules.



That which is stable and pleasing is called asana.

Broadly, yoga can be divided into three parts.


Meditation Asanas (Positions) - such as Siddhasan, Padmasana, Bhadrasan, Swastikasan etc.

Vishantikar Asan - Shavasana, Dandasan, Makarasan etc.

Body enhancement Asana  - Sinhasan, gaumukhasan, Dhanurasan etc.

Pranayama  is the Stable position where one controls the breath.

It has been called to be of three types: Abhyantarvrati, Bhahyavati and Stambhvrati.



Following the nature of the mind when there is no connection with its subjects is called pratyahar of the senses.



To bind a particular place of mind (mind) in a particular place is called dharana.



Interrupted flow of concentration is meditation.



When the motto is only in the sense of meaning and its form becomes zero, that type of meditation is called samadhi.

The above pratyahara , Dharana, meditation and samadhi are progressively superior states.



Naturopathy is not just a method of treatment, but it is a way of life. This is often called as a medicineless treatment method. It is mainly based on the general rule of nature. As far as the fundamental principles are concerned, this method is closely related to Ayurveda.


Supporters of Naturopathy give special emphasis on Eating and Living habits, Shuddhi Karma (Purification Ceremony), water treatment, cold strip, clay belt, various types of bath, massages and many new types of medical methods.


Soil Therapy (Mitti Chikitsa):-


Soil which has the greatness of the Earth element disintegrates the body's disorders of unusual substances. This is a Germicide (Insecticide) that can be called as “the greatest medicine”.


Use of clay belt: -


It is used in Abdominal disorder, restriction, diabetes, headache, high blood pressure fever, skin disorders and other diseases. Different Clay belts are formed as per the organ disease.


Vasti (anima): -


It is used before treatment for cell purification. Pure water, lemonade, citrus, nibh kwath are used as per the disease.


Treatment with Water: -


Under this, therapies like dampening with warm water, hip bath, tub bath, footbath, shower, steam bath, kunjal, neti etc. are used in “Vat” diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal disorders, urinary problems, acidity etc.


Surya Rashmi Treatment (Sun rays treatment): -


This treatment is done by seven colors of sunlight. This medicine enhances heat in the body, stimulates muscles, It is effective in “vat” disease, cough, fever, breathing, rash, amputation, cardiovascular disease, abdominal diseases, pediatric diseases, papilloma, skin diseases, and bile dysfunction.



Fasting: -


It is specially used in all stomach disorders, respiration problems, malaise, arthritis, skin disorders, medo-vradhi, etc.