Panchkarma therapy


Panchkarma Ayurvedic is a major purification process and alcohol addiction treatment. Panchkarma means the combination of five different therapies. This process is used to cleanse the body from the toxic substances left by diseases and malnutrition. Ayurveda says that imbalance defects of waste produce substances which are called "Aam".

It is a foul-smelling, sticky, harmful substance which is necessary to be removed from the body completely. To prevent the formation of 'Aam', Ayurvedic literature advises to impart proper diet to the person with proper lifestyle habits and exercise, and to implement a proper cleanliness program like Panchkarma.


Pancha karma is a process; it is a part of a group of treatments concerned with purification procedures called 'shodan'. Panchkarma's five therapies are 'Vaman', 'Virechan', 'Naasya', 'Basti' and 'Rakt Moksha'. At the time of balancing the doshas, ​​this series of 5 therapies helps to remove deep-based stress and disease causing biodegradation inside the body.


It brings back balance in our doshas and cleans the 'Aam' from the body through the pathways that emit waste materials like the sweat glands, urinary tract, intestines etc. Panchakarma is thus a balanced practice. It includes daily massage and is a very enjoyable experience. To correct our mind and body system, Ayurvedic advises Panchakarma as a seasonal remedy.


Ayurvedic system prescribes two methods of treatment:


Shodhan and Shaman


Shodhan therapy – In this therapy, most diseases are cured automatically by removing contaminated defects from the body due to physical ailments. Treatment is more effective after that. Panchakarma is the technical name of this purification method. Its sequence is as follows:









Asthapan Basti

Anuvasan Basti



In Ayurvedic medicine method for most of the diseases, there is a law for in-depth use of medicine only after getting treatment through any one karma as per the disease. Any disease can be completely and totally eradicated. Consumption of Medicines without Panchakarma can reduce the effect of diseases but the disease cannot be completely eradicated. Therefore, the 'Panchakarma' method is essential in eliminating diseases altogether and in rejuvenation after the medicinal treatment.


A brief description of the various deeds of Pancha Karma is as follows:




Snehan: By this method, the defects (doshas) of the body are increased and eliminated by Aloe, oils and abhyang (Massage).



There are several diversities of this method, through which many diseases are treated by making the body sweat. It is necessary to do both of these actions (Karmas) before each karma.


Pradhankarma: -


Vamana: -

This karmic treatment is done by the people suffering from “Kaff” such as cough-breathing-indigestion fever etc. In this, the patient is treated by making them drink medicinal water followed by vomiting, it prevents the stopping of distorted cuffs and bile from coming out.



The above karma is beneficial for bacterial (Paittik) diseases. In addition, it is beneficial in abdominal diseases, such as: - indigestion-acid, head: colic, dermatitis, dysentery, dysentery, etc. There is also a provision for giving different medicines in different phases.


Aasthapan Basti: -

Its second name is also to give medicinal enema. According to Ayurveda this process treats by giving decoction to let out dry matter through the anal route. It provides benefits in all the air related diseases of the stomach and large intestine.


Anuvasan Basti: -

In this process,The anema of  medicinal mixture of aliphatic (smooth) substances like milk, ghee, oil etc. is used. It also benefits stomach and large intestine diseases, such as: -

Vibhandha, Arsh-Bhagandar, Gulp, Uddershul(stomachache), Aadhaman (Afra) etc. Both of the above procedures have been considered highly significant in Ayurveda. These procedures get permanent benefits in all types of “vaat” diseases and other diseases.



Shirovirechan: -

In this method, the medicine and different oils are filled through the nasal passage to give a SNUFF and the oil stream is used with the head binding with a belt. These experiments remove the dryness inside the head and old deposits of mucus comes out through sneezing etc. And the patient gets permanent benefits. The above procedure is very beneficial for the ENT diseases, all types of body diseases and eye diseases. It is also beneficial in curing old and hard headaches, Anidra (insomnia), Mental stress (tension) Spondylitis etc.

Presently Panchakarma medical practice is becoming very popular. It can later lead to more complications and reverse effects if not followed properly and scripturally.


At present, the above medical facility is available in the Government Ayurveda 'A' category hospital/District Hospital, Rajasthan, the hospital of National Ayurvedic Society-Jaipur, Rajasthan Ayurvedic University Hospital-Jodhpur affiliated to Rajasthan Ayurvedic College-Udaipur. According to the plan of the state government, it is proposed to start it in departmental hospitals in tourist places soon.