Naturopathy is not just a method of treatment, but it is a way of life. This is often called as a medicineless treatment method. It is mainly based on the general rule of nature. As far as the fundamental principles are concerned, this method is closely related to Ayurveda.


Supporters of Naturopathy give special emphasis on Eating and Living habits, Shuddhi Karma (Purification Ceremony), water treatment, cold strip, clay belt, various types of bath, massages and many new types of medical methods.


Soil Therapy (Mitti Chikitsa):-


Soil which has the greatness of the Earth element disintegrates the body's disorders of unusual substances. This is a Germicide (Insecticide) that can be called as “the greatest medicine”.


Use of clay belt: -


It is used in Abdominal disorder, restriction, diabetes, headache, high blood pressure fever, skin disorders and other diseases. Different Clay belts are formed as per the organ disease.


Vasti (anima): -


It is used before treatment for cell purification. Pure water, lemonade, citrus, nibh kwath are used as per the disease.


Treatment with Water: -


Under this, therapies like dampening with warm water, hip bath, tub bath, footbath, shower, steam bath, kunjal, neti etc. are used in “Vat” diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal disorders, urinary problems, acidity etc.


Surya Rashmi Treatment (Sun rays treatment): -


This treatment is done by seven colors of sunlight. This medicine enhances heat in the body, stimulates muscles, It is effective in “vat” disease, cough, fever, breathing, rash, amputation, cardiovascular disease, abdominal diseases, pediatric diseases, papilloma, skin diseases, and bile dysfunction.



Fasting: -


It is specially used in all stomach disorders, respiration problems, malaise, arthritis, skin disorders, medo-vradhi, etc.