Kshara Sutra


'Sushruta Samhita' is the authorized treatise of the ancient surgical method of Ayurvedic science. Maharishi Sushruta is considered the father of surgery in Ayurveda.

knife-free surgery of Arsha Bhagandar (piles and fistula) is done by this medical procedure. In this method, haemorrhoids are cut off by tying the spirit formula with medicinal ingredients and Bhagandar (Fistula) wounds heal automatically without additional ointment and do not reproduce at the same place again. This is 99% successful surgical method for these diseases. This is a very cheap, popular and successful method.


Although this method was described formally in the scriptures, Banaras Hindu University was credited for developing and establishing it in practical form. The graduates are spreading the method presently. Many state doctors of Ayurvedic department in Rajasthan are successfully treating Arsh Bhagandar (piles and fistula) through this process. Madan Mohan Malaviya Rajasthan Ayurvedic College, Udaipur had started the Kshatrasutra therapy in Rajasthan. Medical treatment has also started at National Institute of Medical Sciences, Jaipur after its establishment.



Its specialty clinic operates in the Government Ayurvedic 'A' category hospital, Longia-Ajmer under the Ayurveda Department. Apart from this, its specialist medical doctors are also available in Government Ayurvedic 'A' category hospitals in Beawar, Kota and Bhilwara.



For the successful treatment of Arsh Bhagandar (piles and fistula) 20 Ayurvedic medical camps are organized every year in 20 districts, 10 days free medical camps with experts in the scheduled caste of dominated areas are organised for public welfare.



In the provision of religious / welfare institutions, the facility of medical experts on receipt of proposals to organize camps at specific places according to the demand of the disease / duration are provided. The rest of the arrangements are borne by the institution.