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Unani Chiktsa Department raj

Unani Chikitsa Department

Free Unani Madical Camp In SCSP/TASP Area

These Camps Are Organised To Provide Unani Madical Facilities In SCSP/TSP Areas. A Large Number Of People Get Banifit Of This Pathy  In Their Own Areas. Unani Chikitsa Vibhag organised these Camps  In Varios Parts Of State Every Year. 


Training Programme Of Unani Doctors

Unani Chikitsa Vibhag Organised A Training Programme For Unani Madical Officers. These Training Programmes were conduct two to three Times  Every Year and are very Usefull For Their Skill Development.



Cupping is a Classical Therpy Practiced in Unani System of Medicine Since Ancient Times For Prevention And Treatment of Various Diseases. its Safe non Invasive and Economical way of Curing and Preventing Diseases. Cupping is a Therapy in which Cups are Applied on the Surface of Skin and a Vaccum is Created By Means of Heat or Negative Pressure Created Through Suction. its Carried out to Remove or Divert Akhlat Raddiyyah From the Tissues.

Cupping Can be Divided In to Two Types.

1- Dry Cupping

2- Wet Cupping