Rajasthan Indian Medicine Board


Board of Indian Medicine Rajasthan Jaipur has been established on 4th March,1953 after the approval of Rajpramukh  to register the medical practitioners (Ayurvedic,Unani and Yoga/Naturopathy doctors) under The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act, 1953/The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act Amendment Bill-2015.


Registration and inspection of the Ayurvedic and UNANI doctors under Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act ,1953/The Rajasthan Indian Medicine Act Amendment Bill-2015.

Organizing committee

There are 11 members in the organizing committee.

·         Chairman to be appointed from state Govt.

·         Three members nominated by Govt of rajasthan from Govt ayurvedic doctors

·          One member nominated by govt of Rajasthan from Govt Unani doctors

·          Four members elected among registered Ayurvedic doctors

·         One elected member from  registered Unani doctors

·         Except Chairman, all the members  should have at least 10 years of experience in the field of Ayurveda/Yunani/Naturapthy/Yoga. (Govt/private)

·         Board would elect deputy chairperson from the members of the board under approved process







Rajasthan Indian Medicine Board

Board of Indian Medicine has registered 27825 Ayurved Doctors and 2191 Unani Doctors and 52 BNYS Doctors up to Now

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